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Company Timeline

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  • 2021

    Endexx™ launches distribution rollout in 9 introduction states Endexx™ prepares rollout and brand launch of new line with DJ Khaled

  • 2014

    Endexx™ acquire Dispense Labs and introduces the GORILLA-TEK™ marijuana dispensing and tracking system

  • 2016

    Endexx™ introduces Phytobites™. CBD pet treats for Dogs/Cats. Case studies with Vets initiated

  • 2018

    Endexx™ secures first Major Food Drug Mass client with WALGREENS with certified OTC registered topical pain analgesic now in 4000 stores

  • 2020

    Endexx™ secures Master Distribution agreement with largest distributor in the US Endexx™ redesigns topical set to create new Value Line with optimal price point and performance products Endexx™ signs Joint Venture with artist and entertainer DJ Khaled to introduce new CBD Line and Category in Health and Wellness.

  • 2013

    Endexx™ announces entrance into market as a technology co. Introduces M3Hub compliance and tracking software

  • 2015

    Endexx™ introduces first brand CBD Unlimited™. Products built on a science and compliance platform Endexx™ initiative clinical case
    studies with four doctors and 100 plus patients Trials designed to determine optimal dosing and optimal delivery systems Endexx™ launches ecommerce and nationwide sales initiative

  • 2017

    Endexx™ acquires Holistic Earth Remedies and formulates topical and skin products with CBD

  • 2019

    Endexx™ expands from 1000 stores to 5000 plus stores