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Endexx® Mission Statement

Endexx formulates and develops high quality products to improve quality of life with the genuine concern of the Well-Being of others.

Corporate Objective

All Endexx team members are shareholders. Each is self-driven to be successful contributing to the overall objective of increasing shareholder value. Endexx offers maximum return on investment (ROI), through equity ownership.

Endexx Today:

Endexx proudly presents its key brand, CBD Unlimited™. Since 2014, CBD Unlimited an Endexx subsidiary, has been a premier developer of Hemp-Derived products, each formulated to address key segments of the health and wellness market. Through its subsidiaries and strategic partnerships, Endexx sells high-end CBD oils, topicals, capsules, snacks and beverages. In Animal Sciences, Endexx distributes its brand line PhytoBites™ for dogs and cats. In late 2021, Endexx is launching its highly anticipated Equine product.

Endexx Corporation is a diverse company with global and domestic operations. Endexx is also involved in joint ventures with strategic partners in the entertainment, marketing, and distribution arenas. The company has made strategic acquisitions over the last several years that are now cohesively accelerating the company into its revenue growth stage.

The Endexx Management Team and its advisory group each have a minimum 10-50 years of experience in their respective fields. The professionals all have experience in growing businesses, developing, and implementing new consumer products and technologies with an emphasis in the medical, biotech and life science industries.


What Drives Endexx

Endexx incorporates science and compliance as the foundation for the development of all its products. Utilizing high quality functional ingredients to formulate our products, most customers have positive experiences which outperform their expectations. This is what differentiates the Endexx line of products in the market.

CBD Unlimited, a subsidiary of Endexx and founded in 2014, is based upon the belief that cannabidiol (CBD), combined with plant-based nutrients will unlock a new frontier in natural healing.

With a biotech background stretching back to the early 90’s, founder, Todd Davis quickly identified that the young industry faced a major challenge, nobody knew how to measure and control dosage with a predictable outcome when utilizing hemp derived molecules.

Endexx capitalized on this by immersing itself into the “2014 Hemp Pilot Program”. The company was determined to find the answers. Endexx recruited multiple doctors and their volunteer patients who were excited about the new potential applications derived from hemp. The doctors lead adaptive clinical studies in four separate locations throughout the country. There were 180 volunteer patients that helped define effective dosing ranges for each delivery system tested. All products are built on this scientific foundation. Research continues as we build statistical models that will lead to peer reviewed scientific analysis, helping to advance the science of CBD.

Today, CBD is everywhere, but few companies have invested the time, resources, and care in formulating properly dosed, high-value products for the consumer. Endexx is a USA company advancing the “science and compliance” in the Hemp Industry. Endexx launched a motto initiative in 2016 that it still abides by: “Better Products Better You” and “Live Life Unlimited”.

In 2021, Endexx and its celebrity partner DJ Khaled launched a Men’s Grooming Line named Blesswell™ Khaled’s new slogan is “Live Well, Love Well, Blesswell.” www.BLESSWELL.co

Blesswell will be available in many big box chains in the very near future and is forecasted to be a household name over the next 1-3 years.

Company Timeline


Endexx® announces entrance into market as a technology co. Introduces M3Hub compliance and tracking software


Endexx® introduces first brand CBD Unlimited™. Products built on a science and compliance platform

Endexx® initiative clinical case studies with four doctors and 100 plus patients

Trials designed to determine optimal dosing and optimal delivery systems

Endexx® launches ecommerce and nationwide sales initiative


Endexx® acquires Holistic Earth Remedies and formulates topical and skin products with CBD


Endexx® expands from 1000 stores to 5000 plus stores


Endexx® launches distribution rollout in 9 introduction states

Endexx® prepares rollout and brand launch of new line with DJ Khaled

Endexx® Launched Blesswell™ men’s grooming line in partnership with DJ Khaled.

Endexx® Filed a Form 10 and successfully completed the review process. This Officially makes the company a fully reporting SEC filer and sets the stage for our other stated business objectives:

Filing an S1 and/or Reg A+ financing the company with $10M to $50M

Strategic financing with long term institution level partners and shareholders.

Endexx® CBD Unlimited successfully launched the new green value line into six states and expanding to 30 states.

Endexx® OR CBD Unlimited prepared to launch an expanded Phytobite™ pet line

Endexx® OR CBD Unlimited prepared to launch an Equine Wellness line

Endexx® Granted Retail Herb House Jamaican cannabis license expanding global distribution.

Endexx® Launching Go Green Global


Endexx® acquire Dispense Labs and introduces the GORILLA-TEK™ marijuana dispensing and tracking system


Endexx® introduces Phytobites™. CBD pet treats for Dogs/Cats. Case studies with Vets initiated


Endexx® secures first Major Food Drug Mass client with WALGREENS with certified OTC registered topical pain analgesic now in 4000 stores


Endexx® secures Master Distribution agreement with largest distributor in the US

Endexx® redesigns topical set to create new Value Line with optimal price point and performance products

Endexx® signs Joint Venture with artist and entertainer DJ Khaled to introduce new CBD Line and Category in Health and Wellness

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